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Experience, expertise, high-quality construction, attention to detail – we are your preferred choice as a national contractor.

UG Contracting has the ability to handle all of your construction needs under one roof. This provides a single source of accountability.


We offer a full-service approach, committed to our clients' in a design-build, negotiated or bid project to delivering through our outstanding services such as:



  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Construction

  • Design Build

  • LEED Construction



UG Contracting collaborative preconstruction process is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver high quality projects on time and within budget. We go beyond the delivery of an exceptional product to ensure that the process is transparent, open and communicative for our clients and project teams. 


Our team regularly helps customers develop prototypes, streamline their design and development processes and expedite their national account programs in an effort to improve their construction processes. 


We care about the overall success of the customer and their ability to grow and develop their brand. 


Our efforts during preconstruction ensure an efficient and planned system of project delivery on-site.

During preconstruction, we utilize both the field staff and project management staff to provide information to the design team as they create the workplace design.  The field staff will provide site surveys, clear heights and surveys of existing conditions. Field staff will also provide critical logistics information on how to move through the building, crane locations, staging areas, vertical pathways and sizes of openings, all of which impacts the cost and procurement strategies.


Our success is linked to the customer’s and it is a true “partnership” approach.


All of this information during the preconstruction process is presented to our Owners in an open-book pricing approach provides for transparency with our clients, and copies of subcontractor and material supplier pricing along with our detailed bid analysis becomes the starting point for transforming budgets into hard costs.

Design Build


UG Contracting offers a complete range of design-build services to meet the specific and unique needs of our clients.


Our firm is able to leverage our in-house engineers and years of successful partnerships with a number of architectural firms to deliver the project success our clients have come to expect.


Ideally suited, for clients who seek a single entity point of contact and need an expedited project delivery schedule, the design build project delivery method has been successfully executed on numerous projects by UG Contracting.



UG Contracting is a trusted general contractor with a competent and reliable staff for ensuring that our projects end in success.


At UG we believe, being a general contractor is not just about building a building, is about communicating, caring, documenting, forming relationships, exercising principles of construction, keeping our workforce safe, being flexible, and knowing how to keep a schedule.


We have proven ourselves to our clients time and time again by building long-term client relationships. Our team understands project scope and project delivery through a proactive project management teams and field staff have strong technical expertise for resolving issues.


From the pre-planning stage to the final completion and close-out documents, we give our clients the professional services they expect for their project.


We utilize the latest in means and methods, new products and techniques, and material resources in managing our projects. From communication with team members to office management and field supervision, rand* teams utilize best practices that guarantee the highest quality product and experience for our clients and partners.


At UG Contracting you have a national general contractor where knowledge and performance intersect!

LEED Construction


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized sustainable construction certification ensuring the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials and practices in construction. LEED certification for a project begins during the design phase and extends through all phased to a delivered final product.


While the LEED Green Building Rating System has only been around since 1993, it is fast becoming commonplace in today's building industry. UG Contracting currently employs two LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP) as part of the company's full-time staff to facilitate the certification process on any project where LEED will be implemented. With concerns over global warming and non-renewable resources, green building is no doubt the way of the future.


We are fully prepared to integrate the components of LEED construction into your project from the design phase to your maintenance and operations strategies. For more information about LEED construction please visit

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